Remembering Ed Esser

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Ed Esser was a valued member of the TrackChaser group, and a friend to all of us. Ed passed away at the end of February, 2012. Members of our group took a collection to honor Ed at the High Banks Hall of Fame National Auto Racing Museum in Belleveille, KS. Midgets were Ed's first love in racing. At the time of his passing, Ed was the all-time leading TrackChaser in the group, having seen racing at 1,430 tracks

Ed Esser

High Banks Hall of Fame National Auto Racing Museum
US Highway 81 & 12th Street
Belleville, KS

Ed's plate is inside the arch, above the checkered flag, on the right.

The following TrackChaser group and listserve members contributed to honoring Ed's memory and his love for Midget auto racing.

Allan Brown
Nancy Brown
Bruce Eckel
Pat Eckel
Jim Harris
PJ Hollebrand
Gordy Killian
Virginia Schuler
Andy Sivi
Guy Smith
Pam Smith
Bruce Spencer
Roland Vanden Eynde
Paul Weisel
Will White

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