Northeast Delta Dental Stadium

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Team: New Hampshire Fisher Cats
Ballpark: Northeast Delta Dental Stadium
Location: Manchester, NH USA
Class: AA
League: Eastern League
Affiliate: Toronto Blue Jays

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats have played at what was then called Fisher Cat Ballpark since 2005.

The team moved to Manchester from Connecticut, where they were the New Haven Ravens from 1994 to 2003 and played at Yale Stadium.

The first year they were in New Hampshire, the Fisher Cats played at Gill Stadium while their new ballpark was under construction.

It was first announced that the team would be named the "New Hampshire Primaries" and use an elephant and a donkey holding bats for a logo. Fan reaction was overwhelmingly negative and the name was withdrawn.

In fewer than twenty years, the team has been associated with the Rockies, Mariners, Cardinals, and Blue Jays.
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