Red Bull Ring

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Red Bull Ring
RTR ID: 77000a
Spielberg, Austria
lat: +47.2212
Paved Road Circuit
lng: +14.7631
First Race: 1996
Date of First Visit: 05/21/2011 (Track #1369)
RTR YouTube Link:

Red Bull Ring is a 4.326 km, nine turn road circuit.

The first track at the location was called the Osterreichring, a larger circuit, and was active from 1969-1995.

The original name of the new track was the A-1 Ring, and it operated from 1996-2003.

The track was closed between 2004 and 2010. It was renovated and reopened as the Red Bull Ring in 2011.

The A-1 Ring hosted the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix from 1997-2003. F1 returned to the reopened Red Bull Ring in 2014.

Track diagram shows the current track in black, and the original Osterreichring in gray.
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