Overmere (Inner)

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Overmere (Inner)
RTR ID: 67063b
Overmere (Berlare), VLG, BEL
Dirt Oval
First Race: 2003
Date of First Visit: 06/27/2010 (Track #1285)
RTR YouTube Video:

The races at Overmere are part of the VRCB, or Vlaamse Rodeo Cross Bond (Sports Spanning Spektakel). The town of Overmere is part of the municipality of Berlare in the province of East Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium.

Races are held for two classes. The snelheidsklasse (speed class) races on the larger track, while the contactklasse (contact class) shown here, races on the smaller track.

Not only to the cars carry passengers during the races, but the passengers use blocks of wood as shields.

The track surfaces are extremely loose dirt. They get incredibly rough and rutted during the event.

The loose dirt results in some wild rooster tails during the races.
par community.

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