Warneton Autospeedway

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Warneton Autospeedway
RTR ID: 67037a
Warneton WAL BEL
lat: +50.7271
Paved Oval
lng: +2.9276
First Race: 04/1980
Photographs taken by and contributed to Roaming the Raceways by Will White, Quakertown, PA.

The Warneton Autospeedway is also sometimes referred to as the Camso Autospeedway. Camso is actually the name of the track promotional group. Camso has also promoted events at Ruisbroek and Engis.

The track was 1/4 mile through 2001. For 2002, the track was enlarged to 420 meters and was banked. It can accommodate 6,000 spectators in the covered grandstand shown here, a larger uncovered grandstand that was added, and standing areas.

These photos are from Will White's visit to the track in 2001, before the banks were added and the track enlarged.

Each race winner gets a victory lap in the pace car, which is standard for oval track races in Europe.
par community.

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