Capital City Speedway

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Capital City Speedway
RTR ID: 42027c
Ottawa, ON CAN
lat: +45.2429
Temporary Frozen Parking Lot Circuit
lng: -75.9892
First Race: 2010 (July, 1961 Facility)
Date of First Visit: 02/19/2012 (Track #1423)
RTR YouTube Video:

Capital City Speedway opened in July, 1961. For a number of years during the 197's, it operated as a dirt track, with dirt over the pavement. In the late '70s it returned to a paved surface.

Starting in 2010, winter races were held in the parking lot of the permanent race track.

The races are run enduro style, lasting four hours, run in six 40-minute segments, and are scheduled 1-4 times each winter.

The races are run by the Motorsport Club of Ottawa.
par community.

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