Clarence Creek

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Clarence Creek
RTR ID: 42208a
Clarence Creek, ON CAN
Temporary Frozen Dirt Oval
First Race: c1971
Date of First Visit: 02/17/2008 (Track #1144)
RTR YouTube Video:

Clarence Creek is a community in the city of Clarence-Rockland. It is in the far eastern region of Ontario.

The city is officially bilingual. At nearly 70% French speaking, it is the largest French speaking city (by %) in North America outside of Quebec or Haiti.

Racing dates back to c1971, and is held during the winter carnival. As you can see from the full bleachers, it is quite popular.

As you can also see from the photos, this is not an ice track, but a frozen field track.

Tracks of this type tend to start out snow and ice covered, but as the racing progresses, they get down to the dirt. When that happens the tracks also tend to get very rough.
par community.

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