Autodrome Saint-Eustache (Stadium Road Circuit)

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Autodrome Saint-Eustache (Stadium Road Circuit)
RTR ID: 43109c
Saint-Eustache, PQ CAN
Temporary Frozen Road Circuit
First Race: 02/27/2011 (1965 at facility)
Date of First Visit: 02/27/2011 (Track #1348)
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The Autodrome Saint-Eustache has both a permanent paved oval and permanent paved road circuit.

The road circuit uses a portion of the oval track, but there is also a significant portion outside the oval track boundaries.

For this winter race, a temporary frozen road circuit was created and also used portions of the paved oval.

The new portion of the course was laid out completely inside the oval track.

Thus the cars remained inside the stadium at all times during the race, hence the "Stadium Road Circuit" name for this track at the facility.
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