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RTR ID: 43176a
Beauport, PQ CAN
lat: +46.8444
Temporary Frozen Road Circuit
lng: -71.2118
First Race: 02/14/2004
Date of First Visit: 02/10/2007 (Track #1084)
RTR YouTube Video:

Winter racing allows for bringing the racing to the people, rather than making the people go to the race track. Check out the background--this track was right in town.

The races were held in the town of Beauport, which is very near Quebec City. Note the large number of spectators on the snow bank.

There was tons and tons of snow. The piles were massive. The race track was built on an empty lot, the site of a former Woolco department store, at the corner of Blvd. Ste-Anne and Rue d'Estimauville.

This was no junk car race. This was an ACGQ sanctioned series event.

Ice racing organizers always have to be cognizant of the fact that there is much less daylight during winter, which often results in an earlier start time. Racing continued until dusk.
par community.

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