Hippodrome de Trois-Rivieres

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Hippodrome de Trois-Rivieres
RTR ID: 43303a
lat: +46.3478
Frozen Dirt Oval
lng: -72.5584
First Race: 03/08/2014
Date of First Visit: 03/08/2014 (Track #1546)
RTR YouTube Video:

The Challenge 3R was a winter race held at a horse racing facility during the off-season.

This winter event was mainly for snowmobiles and motorcycles, but the RevStar SpeedSTRs were also on the card.

This is the same location where the Circuit de Trois-Rivieres road race is held during the summer. Their facility also hosts the FIA World Rallycross Series that combines both tracks. There is also a professional baseball stadium for the Trois-Rivieres Aigles.

As you can see from the picture, the stands are enclosed with a glass front, creating a climate controlled environment for the fans.
par community.

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