Flomaton Speedway (Inner)

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Flomaton Speedway (Inner)
RTR ID: 23508b
Flomaton, AL USA
lat: +31.0310
Dirt Oval
lng: -87.2580
First Race: 04/2016 (Facility circa 1975)
Date of First Visit: 08/20/2016 (Track #1700)
RTR YouTube Video:

Flomaton Speedway dates back to the middle 1970's.

in 2016 they added an inner oval track.

The Tobias Slingshot class races on the inner track.

The inner track shares a frontstretch with the main track, but has separate turns and a separate backstretch.

Flomaton is located just across the Florida/Alabama border on the Alabama side. The name Flomaton is a shortening of FLOrida AlabaMA TOwN.
par community.

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