Alamiss Speedway

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Alamiss Speedway
RTR ID: 23541a
Wilmer, AL
lat: +30.8542
Dirt Oval
lng: -88.4119
Defunct Track: Active from 1983-1986
Photos taken during 2016 visit

In the Fall of 2016, I visited the old Alamiss Speedway located on the Alabama side of the Alabama/Mississippi border. Several bleacher sections remain, but after 30 years they are engulfed by trees and vines.

This view is from the front of the bleachers, looking out at the track through the catch fence.

Turns three and four of the quarter mile track that was also once known as Stateline Speedway.

Sections of guardrail remain if you look hard enough.

The For Sale sign by the road still refers to it as a "Racetrack." A real "fixer-upper."
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