Florida Sports Park

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Florida Sports Park
RTR ID: 30202a
Naples, FL USA
Flooded Dirt Oval
First Race: 1986
Date of First Visit: 03/07/2010 (Track #1261)
RTR YouTube Video:

Florida Sports Park is a flooded dirt track used several times per year for swamp buggy racing. This location replaced the track on Radio Road, which ran from 1949-1985.

Large crowds turn out whenever there is a race at the track. Millions saw the races on ABC Wide World of Sports.

The swamp buggies throw up huge water rooster tails when racing. Only two or three race at a time.

All entries in the jeep class race together in a mass start event.

The jeeps are almost submerged when passing through the famous "Sippy Hole," yet they manage to come out the other side and continue racing.


Don Salzer: Always wanted to see this.

Guy Smith: You would not be disappointed, Don.

Edward M. Corrado: Need to get there!

Steve Williams: Loved watching this on TNN with Steve Evans and Brock Yates! Looks like a blast!

par community.

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