Southern Iowa Speedway

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Southern Iowa Speedway
RTR ID: 12155a
Oskaloosa, IA USA
lat: +41.3030
Dirt Oval
lng: -92.6574
First Race: 09/10/1931
Date of First Visit: 08/26/2015 (Track #1631)
RTR YouTube Video:

The Southern Iowa Speedway is located at the Southern Iowa Fairgrounds, which is also known as the Mahaska County Fairgrounds.

It is an old traditional fairgrounds racetrack, and racing on the track dates back to 1931.

At one time it was also known as Osky Speedway, after the town of Oskaloosa, where it is located.

The track is billed as a half-mile in size, but is actually even a little bigger than that.


Don Salzer: Looks waaaay bigger than a half.

Guy Smith: Will White's ARR has it measured at .520.

Fred McCullough: Good loose meat sandwiches.

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