Southern Illinois Center

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DuQuoin State Fairgrounds
(Southern Illinois Center)
RTR ID: 16312c
DuQuoin, IL USA
lat: +37.9833
Indoor Dirt Oval
lng: -89.2230
First Race: 01/15/2005
Date of First Visit: 02/18/2017 (Track #1728)
RTR YouTube Video:

The Southern Illinois Center is located on the grounds of the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds.

There are two state fairs in Illinois, the one in DuQuoin and also another in Springfield. Both have race tracks.

Besides the indoor dirt races at DuQuoin, there is an outdoor Dirt Mile track that opened in 1941 and has been active ever since, other than during the WWII years when racing was suspended in the United States.

Midgets are the most popular division to race at the track.

All seating is located on one side of the track.
par community.

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