Anderson Speedway (Inner Tri-Oval)

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Anderson Speedway (Inner Tri-Oval)
RTR ID: 20202c
Anderson, IN USA
lat: +40.0886
Paved Inner Oval
lng: -85.6965
First Race: Unknown (07/05/1948 main oval)
Date of First Visit: 10/17/2015 (Track #1653)
RTR YouTube Video:

Anderson Speedway has a permanent paved oval and figure-8 track at the facility.

They have used the existing tracks to also create a road circuit and as shown here, an inner tri-oval.

The cars turned left off turn two onto one cross section of the F8 track.

At the end of the F8 cross section, the cars turned back onto the main oval. Unlike a F8 course, the cars made only left turns, forming a tri-oval.
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