Kentucky Exposition Center (Freedom Hall)

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Kentucky Exposition Center (Freedom Hall)
RTR ID: 21936b
Louisville, KY
Temporary Indoor Dirt Oval
First Race: 1998 (Dirt Oval), 1960 (Overall)
Date of First Visit: 04/01/2017 (Track #1730)
RTR YouTube Video:

Freedom Hall is located on the grounds of the Kentucky Exposition Center, which opened in 1956. There have been three different tracks in Freedom Hall, concrete oval, dirt figure-8, and dirt oval.

Even more impressive is the fact that there have been seven tracks located on the grounds. Besides the three in Freedom Hall, there were three outdoor tracks and an indoor track in another building. An eighth track will be debuting in 2017.

The arena seats 18,865 and has had crowds of over 20,000. The Kentucky Colonials ABA professional basketball team played home games here, winning the championship in 1974-75.

Just 12 days before Four Cylinder Stock Cars raced on the dirt, the President of the United States gave a speech in the hall.

Smoke and fumes are a concern at most indoor races.


Kevin Eckert: Feb 13, 1977 Louisville, KY (Freedom Hall) 1 Jerry NucklesĀ  57, 2 Jeff Heywood 4, 3 Rich Vogler (Armstrong 43), 4 Bob Wente 25, 5 Dana Carter (Shannon 3), 6 Gary Bettenhausen 2 (NTR 9.91), 7 Mel Kenyon 61, 8 Lonnie Caruthers 78, 9 Kevin Olson (Corrigan 51), 10 Chris Cumberworth 41, 11 Don Jones 51, 12 Johnny Parsons (Miller 40)

Guy Smith: Quite different from what I saw there.

Kevin Eckert: "Miller 40" would be the vaunted Robin Miller VW.

Jimmy Smith: I had a REALLY great track in my parents attic....


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