3 County Fairgrounds

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3 County Fairgrounds
RTR ID: 37653b
Northampton, MA USA
lat: +42.3249
Temporary Dirt Road Circuit
lng: -72.6177
First Race: 09/05/2016 (1933 at facility)
Date of First Visit: 07/30/2016 (Track #1705)
RTR YouTube Video:

The 3 County Fair is one of the oldest fairs in the country, dating back to 1818.

Racing was held on a half mile dirt oval beginning in 1933 and until 1941.

Democross racing was on the schedule for the 2016 199th edition of the fair. Skyfire Productions ran the race at this fair, as well as racing at the Rochester Fair in New Hampshire.

The course was an odd-shaped road circuit, racing around cement blocks. There was only one race.
par community.

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