Berlin Raceway

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Berlin Raceway
RTR ID: 18702f
Marne, MI USA
lat: +43.0358
Temporary Dirt Figure-8
lng: -85.8353
First Race: 2004 (Facility 09/20/1947)
Photographs from the Ed Esser collection and contributed to Roaming the Raceways by his son Lee Esser and Tim Frost of National Speedway Directory to share in Ed's memory.

During its long run, Berlin Raceway has hosted racing on big and small dirt ovals, big and small paved ovals, a dirt road circuit, and a dirt figure-8 track.

Figure-8 racing at Berlin appears to have had a short life. Michigan historian Allan Brown lists the first in 2004, and these pair of photos by Ed Esser are from 2005. The temporary track was located in the infield of the main paved oval.
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