Allegan County Fairgrounds

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Allegan County Fairgrounds
RTR ID: 18792c
Allegan, MI USA
lat: +42.5389
Temporary Dirt Oval
lng: -85.8585
First Race: 09/13/2009 (1938 at facility)
Date of First Visit: 09/13/2015 (Track #1642)
RTR YouTube Video:

The first fair was held in 1852. Four years later, it moved to its current location.

The half-mile horse race track was built in 1860. Auto racing was held on the half-mile from 1938 into the 1950s.

The current track is fit on the frontstretch of the horse track.

This form of contact stock car racing draws lots of cars because they are far cheaper than purpose-built race cars, yet can be raced again and again, unlike demolition derby cars that usually get destroyed.

While the form of racing often gets criticized by racing elitists, fans who just want to be entertained by a good event flock to the shows, which are often held in conjunction with the annual fair.
par community.

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