Jackson Speedway

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Jackson Speedway
RTR ID: 18808a
Jackson, MI USA
lat: +42.2360
Paved Oval
lng: -84.3589
First Race: 2002
Date of First Visit: 06/25/2005 (Track #0974)
RTR YouTube Video:

Jackson Speedway is located south of town in Jackson, Michigan.

Jackson was one of the very few facilities that had both a paved oval and a dirt oval that were active at the same time.

Racing took place on both tracks during the same day, and even with the same class of cars. The Mini Sprints ran their show on the concrete track first, then switched to the dirt track.

The dirt track was completely redesigned and rebuilt in 2017, eliminating racing on the paved oval. However, there is a paved road course there used for kart racing.
par community.

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