Revolution Arena

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Revolution Arena
RTR ID: 18986a
Battle Creek, MI USA
Temporary Indoor Ice Oval
First Race: 03/13/2010
Date of First Visit: 03/13/2010 (Track #1262)
RTR YouTube Video:

One of the oddest tracks ever was a temporary indoor ice oval race for Mini Cup Cars, held between periods of a Battle Creek Revolution ice hockey game.

The track was nothing more than a race around the two nets, placed on the blue lines. The drivers were under the impression that they could use studded tires, but upon arrival, when Revolution officials saw the studs, they were told the tires would cause too much ice damage and they had to use their regular tires.

Cars head down the backstretch, one of the few times there was more than one car facing the correct direction at the same time.

Above: The winner. The race was a slippery disaster, and was never again attempted. The Battle Creek Revolution were themselves a disaster, lasting only three seasons before folding.


Phil Levering: Thanks for sharing these gems.

Guy Smith: I am very glad you are enjoying them Phil Levering, cause I got a thousand of them!

Phil Levering: And you will be gathering more along the way. 3 year backlog.

Colin Herridge: you need any UK pics?

Guy Smith: SURE!!!

Brian Simpson: I saw the revolution play the Troy Bruins semi pro hockey.

Guy Smith: It appears that in 2009-2010 the Troy Bruins were a Junior team playing in the Northern Junior Hockey League. The Battle Creek Revolution also field a team in the league, the Junior Revolution. That season, Battle Creek also fielded a pro team in the All American Hockey League. In 2010-2011, the Troy Bruins Junior team moved up to the AAHL. They played 17 professional games before the franchise folded entirely on December 31. The original Junior Revolution franchise survives to this day, as the Lansing Wolves in the NA3HL Tier III Junior league.

Brian Simpson: Yes , that is how it went , I was goal judge for the Bruins...That was Good Hockey...


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