I-70 National Speedway

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I-70 National Speedway
RTR ID:013311b
Odessa, MO USA
lat: +39.0109
Dirt Oval
lng: -93.8760
First Race: 1981 (08/08/1969 facility)
Photographs taken by and contributed to Roaming the Raceways by John Lehmann, Kirkville, NY.

These photos from John Lehmann are from an NDRA (National Dirt Racing Association) race at I-70 in 1983.

The track opened as a paved oval on August 8, 1969. Racing continued on the pavement through 1980.

The pavement was covered with dirt during the 1981 though 1987 seasons.

The dirt was removed and pavement racing returned in 1988, continuing through 2008 when the track closed for good.
par community.

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