Rockfish Motorsports Speedway Inner

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Rockfish Motorsports Speedway (Inner)
RTR ID: 27396b
Raeford, NC USA
Dirt Oval
First Race: 2013
Date of First Visit: 11/02/2013 (Track #1539)
RTR YouTube Video:

Rockfish Motorsports Speedway is named after the town of Rockfish, but is listed as being in Raeford In Hoke County.

The smaller track cuts through the infield of the main track, with different turns three and four. During my first visit, the inner track was not used. That is why it was not watered in this photo.

The Pro Buggies, shown here, are the class that races on the smaller track.

The Buggies raced on the inner track during my second trip to Rockfish in November.

The smaller track shares the frontstretch, backstretch and turns one & two with the main track.
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