New Egypt Speedway

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New Egypt Speedway
RTR ID: 35803a
New Egypt, NJ USA
lat: +40.0708
Paved Oval
lng: -74.4678
First Race: 1954
Date of First Visit: 05/02/1998 (Track #0586)
RTR YouTube Video:

According to Allan Brown's "History of America's Speedways Past and Present", New Egypt opened as a dirt track in 1954, was paved later that season, and didn't return to dirt until 1998.

From 1998-2000 the track was a quarter mile. This is what turns three and four looked like at that time.

For 2001, the track was enlarged to slightly bigger than 1/3 mile. This is turns three and four after the track was made bigger.

Here's a view of turns one and two before the track was enlarged. Note that there were not yet seats in the turns.

And here are turns one and two on the bigger version of the dirt track.

New Egypt is known for its good clay, as evidenced in this photo.

There are now seats wrapping around turn one and almost into turn two.
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