Uranium Capitol Speedway

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Uranium Capitol Speedway
RTR ID: 06014a
Milan, NM
Dirt Oval
First Race: 1971
Date of First Visit: 07/30/2016 (Track #1695)
RTR YouTube Video:

The track is located in Milan, near Grants, in northern Cibola County New Mexico.

The track is a .280 mile dirt oval.

Beautiful mountains can be seen in the background in every direction.

Milan has a population of approximately 3,250. This photo, from the start of a feature event, depicts the small fan turnout, despite it being a beautiful summer Saturday evening.


Don Salzer: I love the signs

Storm Suhoney: I like this idea

Ken Harper: Great Idea ! Especially ephemeral classics that are gone , like vineland's henry j ..

Troy Ruth: Love it, Guy!

Marty Reilly: Hey Jeff Davis we were just talking about this place lol

par community.

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