Washington Street Armory

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Washington Street Armory
RTR ID: 31139a
Peekskill, NY USA
lat: +41.2854
Temporary Indoor Concrete Oval
lng: -73.9185
First Race: 01/14/1995
Date of First Visit: 12/02/1995 (Track #0482)
RTR YouTube Video:

The State Armory of Peekskill is located at 955 Washington Street.

It was built during the Great Depression, in the years 1932-1933.

In 1995, the armory was used for indoor Micro Stock racing.

The dust and dirt inside the armory cobmined with the smoke from the cars and the sun streaming through the many high windows created an eerie effect inside the building.


Will White: Not good when a paved track is most remembered for how dirty it was.

Guy Smith: Yes, a shame that is one of the first thoughts I had when recalling the race there. You were there that day too. Do you remember how dirty everything was, even the bleachers?

Will White: Especially the bleachers.

par community.

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