Paradise Sports Park

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Paradise Sports Park
RTR ID: 31154c
Phelps, NY USA
lat: +42.9372
Temporary Dirt Figure-8
lng: -76.9894
First Race: 10/01/2016 (1958 Location)
Date of First Visit: 10/14/2017 (Track #1773)
RTR YouTube Video:
Photographs 2 & 3 taken by and contributed to Roaming the Raceways by Michael Coleates, Canandaigua, NY

Paradise Speedway, also known as Paradise Sports Park, is a .300 permanent dirt oval that opened in 1958.

In 2016, in addition to racing on the oval, they tried figure-8 racing on a temporary track.

For the first year, the track was placed on the frontstretch of the oval.

In 2017, the temporary track was moved to a different location at the facility, mostly in the infield of the oval.

Since the figure-8 track is temporary (only exists on race day), we only consider this as one temporary figure-8 track at this location.
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