Malone International Raceway

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Malone International Raceway
RTR ID: 31266a
Malone, NY USA
lat: +44.8562
Paved Oval
lng: -74.2593
First Race: 05/10/1996
Date of First Visit: 07/12/1996 (Track #0500)
RTR YouTube Video:

Malone International Raceway had a short life, lasting only two seasons.

It was the Friday night track of a three-night New York pavement Late Model racing circuit.

This picture brings back memories as the cars cut that corner on virtually every lap and bottomed out when going over the drain.

In 2008 John "Chick" Fountain attempted to reopen the track. They got as far as posting a schedule and even had a practice, before electrical problems and local government requirements ended the effort.
par community.

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