Toledo Speedway

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Toledo Speedway
RTR ID: 24246e
Toledo, OH USA
lat: +41.7167
Temporary Paved Road Circuit
lng: -83.5114
First Race: 09/13/2008
Date of First Visit: 09/13/2008 (Track #1181)
RTR YouTube Video:

The Toledo Speedway facility has two permanent paved ovals and a permanent paved figure-8 track.

A combination of the permanent tracks was used to create a temporary paved road circuit for a 24-hour endurance race.

Instead of the normal turns 1-2, the cars raced on the pit road and entered the main oval on the backstretch.

At the end of turn four, the cars turned left onto the figure-8 course. At the apex, the cars turned right and came back down the other side of the F8 track before entering the pit lane at the turns 1-2 end of the track. The car in the forefront in this picture is heading to the pits via the main speedway.
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