Expo Speedway (Trumbull County Fairgrounds)

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Expo Speedway
RTR ID: 24266a
Cortland, OH USA
lat: +41.3326
Dirt Oval
lng: -80.7873
First Race: 1970
Date of First Visit: 07/13/2006 (Track #1038)
RTR YouTube Video:

The Expo Speedway is located at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds.

It is a big track, independently measured by Auto Racing Records at .535 miles.

At one time weekly races were held at the track.

Racing is now limited to during the the Trumbull County Fair each summer.


Edward M. Corrado: I need to get to this track!

Duston Jarrett: I've gone to the RUSH event the last two years...fair admissions is usually $8 and that includes the race...it also includes most of the rides, which my son is a fan of.

Guy Smith: That the fair admission includes the races, even top short track dirt classes such as RUSH Late Models and Big Block Modifieds, is one of the unique perks about this track.

Edward M. Corrado: Probably unlikely I'll make it this year but I'll try to make it a priority next year. I have enough other Ohio tracks to get I can get a new one on Friday and Saturday.

Bob Bachman: Hey, we made the list of Guy Smith's Featured Tracks!!!

Guy Smith: If I live long enough, everyone's track is going to make it.

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