339 Speedway

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339 Speedway
RTR ID: 24324a
Barlow, OH USA
Dirt Oval
First Race:
Date of First Visit: 09/06/2002 (Track #0808)
RTR YouTube Video:

339 Speedway is a 1/5 mile dirt oval located in Barlow, Ohio.

Various forms of small cars race there, including these Winged Outlaw Sprint Karts.

Other small cars that raced at the track include the Champ Karts and Mini Wedges, a class for children.

A 2016 visitor reported the track was overgrown and no longer operating, at least at that time.


Bruce Carley: Got me, never heard of it.

Guy Smith: Southeast Ohio, less than 45 minutes from Athens (Go Bobcats), even closer to Parkersburg.

Bruce Carley: No roads down there. Lol.

Don Salzer: Cool layout with the grass.

par community.

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