Hamlin Speedway

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Hamlin Speedway
RTR ID: 33526b
Hamlin, PA
Dirt Oval
First Race: 04/27/2002 (bigger track). Original track 1997.
Date of First Visit: 04/27/2002 (Track #0768)
RTR YouTube Video:

Hamlin Speedway is a Saturday night small car track located in the Pocono Mountain region of northeast Pennsylvania.

As illustrated in this photo, the racing surface is quite wide and much of that width is usable by the wingless micro sprints.

The track usually has a nice cushion, making for some excellent small car racing.

The track is only .175 miles, although it looks bigger in this photo. The original track was smaller and for a time two tracks were active at the same time, but the smaller track has been removed.


Michael Bohn: How far is this track from ponoco races at? I'm going there in June and would like to check it out.

Guy Smith: It's less than 30 miles, about a 45 minute drive from Pocono Raceway. A fine choice for Saturday evening of a racing weekend at Pocono.

Mike Knappenberger: Awesome!

Jeff Koehler: Wings are for the birds.

Michael Bohn: Ok kool thanks.

William Maurer: One of my favorite Saturday night (non wing) 600 micro sprint tracks

Jason Bittner: I always enjoy going to Hamlin a few times a year. The wingless 600s put on a good show. But any wingless sprint or midget puts on a good show.


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