Norlebco Quarter Midget Speedway

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Norlebco Quarter Midget Speedway
RTR ID: 33538c
Jonestown, PA USA
lat: +40.4275
Dirt Oval
lng: -76.5069
First Race:
Date of First Visit: 09/20/2014 (Track #1590)
RTR YouTube Video:

The Norlebco Quarter Midget Speedway is located on the grounds of the Linda's Speedway, completely in the infield of the track.

Most of the year, the track holds racing competition exclusively for child drivers on the 1/20 mile oval.

Annually, they hold a "Handlers' Race" in which adults get in the cars for a race. This photo shows the Handlers in action in turns three and four.

Another photo of the adult Handlers' Race, this time in turns one and two.


Adam Minzer Jr: Can I bring one since nephew decided he didn't want to race lol? When is it?

Guy Smith: If you look at the page, Adam, you can see that the year I went to the Norlebco Adult Handler's Classic, which was 2014, it was on September 20. However, the year before that Mike Knappenberger went on July 20. They might have had more than one that year? Last year it was scheduled for September 24. You have to check the NORLEBCO schedule, but it appears they have settled on one per year near the end of September.

Adam Minzer Jr: I'd go watch. It would be funny.

Sherry Kemble-Murray: Usually the last race of the year.

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