Motordrome Speedway (Inner)

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Motordrome Speedway (Inner)
RTR ID: 33544c
Smithton, PA USA
lat: +40.1764
Paved Oval
lng: -79.7275
First Race: 05/04/1997 (05/28/1972 Facility)
Date of First Visit: 06/08/1997 (Track #0540)
RTR YouTube Video:

Motordrome Speedway opened in 1972 as a dirt track.

It was paved for the 1990 season.

During the spring and fall of 1997, management tried Sunday afternoon Dwarf Car racing on a small track in the infield.

The location of the inner track was part of the pit area during the weekly shows on the main oval.

The inner track experiment did not last long. The first race was in May, I visited in June, and the last race was in July.
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