Evergreen Raceway

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Evergreen Raceway
RTR ID: 33545a
Saint Johns, PA USA
lat: +41.0250
Paved Oval
lng: -76.0006
First Race: 10/1952
Date of First Visit: 04/20/1980 (Track #0010)
RTR YouTube Video:

Little Evergreen Speedway, near Hazleton, has been chugging along, on and off, for almost 70 years.

The track has always been a paved oval. The ARDC Midgets and ATQMRA TQ Midgets have had some great races here. In the bottom left, you can see the new, smaller grandstands. They are located closer to the track than the old seating built on the hillside.

Modifieds have been the top draw at Evergreen since I first attended nearly 40 years ago.

Sight lines can be challenging from some of the new seating. The white poles are from a recently added canopy over some of the seats.

The track is well known for their winter enduro races, draw good fields of cars, and are run snow or shine. It's always fun to watch an Evergreen enduro when the track is snow covered.
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