Pagoda Motorcycle Club

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Pagoda Motorcycle Club
RTR ID: 33549a
Birdsboro, PA US
Dirt Oval
First Race: 02/02/1992
Date of First Visit: 02/02/1992 (Track #0363)
RTR YouTube Video:

Pagoda is a motorcycle club with a motocross racing track, but since 1992 have been hosting twice annual Junk Car races on a dirt oval.

The first race was in early February, but since settling on a spring and fall race, they have drawn very large crowds to the events. This photo was taken standing behind turn one looking at the frontstretch.

This picture shows turn one and was taking from the frontstretch stands. Fans bring lawn chairs and sit at that end of the track as well.

The races are short in duration, but run enduro-style with no yellow flags. This is turns three and four.

Turn two, heading onto the backstretch. Those are some ominous looking dirt banks, for sure.
par community.

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