Redline Raceway

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Redline Raceway
RTR ID: 33560a
Granville Summit
lat: +41.7269
Dirt Oval
lng: -76.6931
First Race: 08/1988
Date of First Visit: 09/09/1989 (Track #0301)
RTR YouTube Video:

Beginning in 2002 when it was rebuilt after sitting idle for two seasons, Redline Raceway was an ARR certified .235 mile dirt oval. The track was smaller from 1988 through 1999.

The track was closed several times. It did not operate in 1994, and in 2000-2001. Redline was last active in 2009, although as this is being written in 2018, the track is still there.

The track had a number of names, including Summit Speedway, Endless Mountains Speedway, and Granville Speedway.

My first visit to the track was in 1989, but these pictures are from a visit in 2007. At that time the track was IMCA sanctioned.
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