Shippensburg Speedway

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Shippensburg Speedway
RTR ID: 33564a
Shippensburg, PA USA
lat: +40.0581
Dirt Oval
lng: -77.4847
First Race: 1988 (flat karts 1985)
Date of First Visit: 06/18/1988 (Track #0242)
RTR YouTube Video:

Shippensburg Speedway opened as a flat go kart track in 1985.

In 1988, they began running Winged Micro Sprints, eventually adding stock car racing to their program.

The track was closed during 1995, and when it reopened the following year it had been slightly enlarged, but was still only ARR certified at .190 miles.

This is a picture of how the track looked in 1988 during a Sunday afternoon Micro Sprint show.

They never had many seats, and most of those often remained empty. The track survived for 26 seasons, before closing in 2014.
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