Sportsman's Speedway

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Sportsman's Speedway
RTR ID: 33569a
Elk City, PA USA
Dirt Oval
First Race: 1973
Date of First Visit: 08/18/1984 (Track #0120)
RTR YouTube Video:

Sportsman's Speedway was built by Sam Colwell and opened in 1973. It was located next to Colwell's Campground

It was often identified as being in Knox as it had a Knox mailing address, but was actually in nearby Elk City.

The track closed four times, once for five full seasons, but eventually reopened each time. The family decided not to open the speedway in 2016 and there have been no races since the end of the 2015 season.

Here is a shot of the track taken from the pit area during an earlier visit. I went to races at this track a number of times.

The bench seating was one of the drawbacks as the hillside was not very steep and thus it was hard to see over the people sitting in front. However, there was plenty of hillside for blankets and lawn chairs, and many fans enjoyed the races that way.
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