Stoney Brook Speedway

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Stoney Brook Speedway
(Usually spelled Stony without an 'e')
RTR ID: 33571a
Stoystown, PA USA
Dirt Oval
First Race: 05/05/2002 (1999 flat karts)
Date of First Visit: 05/05/2002 (Track #0771)
RTR YouTube Video:

Stoney Brook Speedway (or Stony Brook or Stonybrook) was a D-shaped dirt track built along the Stoneycreek River. The track remained in operation for 18 years.

It was built by Mike and Terry Swank, who owned the property. In the early years, Micro Sprints raced at the track. This picture was from my first visit in 2002.

By the time I returned for a second visit, Four Cylinder Stock Cars were the main attraction. In the later years, small car and flat kart classes raced there.

The speedway was built at a campground. The track is no longer operating, but the campground is still open.
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