Outlaws' Speedway

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Outlaws' Speedway
RTR ID: 33586a
Somerset, PA USA
Paved Oval
First Race: 06/15/1997 (1996 flat karts)
Date of First Visit: 07/06/1997 (Track #0545)
RTR YouTube Video:

Not many remember the short-lived Outlaws' Speedway in Somerset.

The paved oval opened with flat kart racing in 1996, and in 1997 began running Dwarf Cars and Four Cylinder Stock Cars.

The track was located behind an arcade. Specators entered through, and bought their ticket in, the arcade. Employees walked the stands taking food and drink orders and then delivering them directly to the customers at their seats.

From this photo of the stock cars, you can see the odd shape of the track.
par community.

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