Big Al's Race Track

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Big Al's Race Track
RTR ID: 33698b
Dornsife, PA USA
Dirt Oval
First Race: 11/05/2011 (2005 facility)
Date of First Visit: 10/06/2013 (Track #1536)
RTR YouTube Video:

We discovered Big Al's around 2005.

Originally the wheel-to-wheel auto-type races were for trucks, jeeps, and buggies. In this picture, you can see parts of the truck and buggy off-road course.

Trucks, jeeps, and buggies can get expensive to race, and Big Al found affordable junk car racing draws more participants.

Originally the cars raced on the same off-road course as the trucks, jeeps, and buggies, but they damaged the course too much and were moved to a smaller oval, mostly inside the larger track.

There are no lights so all of the racing must be done during the daytime. The surrounding scenery in fall is spectacular.

As you can see from several of these photos, a good turnout of spectators show up on race days. There is no permanent seating, but fans sit on the frontstretch and arounds turns three and four.
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