Texas World Speedway

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Texas World Speedway
RTR ID: 09555a
College Station
lat: +30.5375
Paved Road Circuit (Full Course)
lng: 96.2211
First Race: 11/09/1969
Date of First Visit: 04/30/2016 (Track #1671)
RTR YouTube Video:

Texas World Speedway opened in 1969. It featured a two mile superspeedway, a smaller flat oval, a road circuit that extended outside of the superspeedway, and a short circuit road course that stayed inside the main superspeedway oval.

In its heyday, the track hosted both Indy Car and NASCAR Cup races. The last race on the superspeedway was in 1993, and on the smaller oval in 1996. The grandstands are permanently closed.

The facility operates with amateur racing on the road circuit. This is the full course, and in this photo you can see the cars leaving the infield of the superspeedway on the backstretch.

Further down the backstretch, the cars again cross over the superspeedway and return to the infield portion that is shared with the short course

This diagram illustrates the various configurations, including the road circuit full course in use during my visit.
par community.

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