Richmond Coliseum

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Richmond Coliseum
RTR ID: 26627a
Richmond, VA USA
lat: +37.5446
Temporary Indoor Oval (Wood 1993, Aluminum (2002-2017)
lng: -77.4344
First Race:11/13/1993
Date of First Visit: 11/13/1993 (Track #0424)
RTR YouTube Video:

The Richmond Coliseum opened in 1971. It was the home for many sports teams, including one major league team. The Virginia Squires of the ABA played home games there from 1971-1976.

The Richmond Coliseum was Arena Racing USA's first attempt at indoor racing, on a wood track in 1993. When they returned in 2002, the track was aluminum, designed in sections for easy transport and setup in other arenas.

Although the track looks very narrow, the shape and banking allow for two equal grooves with the result being some very entertaining side by side racing.

In this picture you can see just how banked the track is in the turns. Besides Richmond, Virginia shows have been held at the Hampton Coliseum and the Scope Arena in Norfolk.
par community.

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