Devil's Bowl Speedway

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Devil's Bowl Speedway
RTR ID: 36902b
West Haven, VT USA
lat: +43.6678
Paved Oval
lng: -73.2942
First Race: 1971 (Facility 1967)
Date of First Visit: 06/13/2010 (Track #1276)
RTR YouTube Video:

Devil's Bowl Speedway opened as a dirt track in 1967.

The first of two stints as a paved track was during
the years 1971-1972.

In 2010 the track was paved for a second time.

The second paved era lasted eight years, through 2017. Here's a photo of the track in 2010.

By 2016, the paved track was still operating, but a new dirt track was added in the infield. When the inner dirt track did better than the main paved track, the inner dirt track was eliminated and the main track returned to dirt for a third time.

For a very short period, there was also an inner paved oval for Mini Cup Cars, but the addition of the inner dirt track cut a section from each end of the inner paved track, rendering it no longer usable.
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