Devil's Bowl Speedway (Inner)

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Devil's Bowl Speedway (Inner)
RTR ID: 36902d
West Haven, VT USA
lat: +43.6678
Dirt Oval
lng: -73.2942
First Race: 09/26/2014 (1967 Facility)
Date of First Visit: 09/24/2016 (Track #1704)
RTR YouTube Video:

Devil's Bowl Speedway has had a strange history of surface changes. It opened as a dirt track in 1967 and ran as dirt through 1970. In 1971 it was paved, but the paved version only lasted for two years, 1971-1972.

For 1973 it was returned to dirt for a second run. It operated as a dirt track from 1973-2009. For two years, 2002-2003 there was also a dirt track figure-8 race held in the infield. There was also a flat kart track off turn four.

In 2010 the track was retuned to pavement for its second run as asphalt. But after adding a small paved inner oval for Mini Cup cars, they changed directions again and added a dirt track inside the paved track.

Both Modifieds and Sprint Cars raced on the inner dirt track. These are the SCONE Sprints. Like Plymouth, IN; the inner dirt track was more successful than the outer paved track. In 2018, the main track was returned to dirt for it's third run as a clay track and the inner dirt track eliminated.

In the far right side of this photo you can see the remnants of the small inner paved oval, which shared the main track frontstretch. That track was cut in half when the inner dirt track was added.
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