Puffer's Pond

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Puffer's Pond
RTR ID: 36931a
Brattleboro, VT USA
Temporary Ice Oval
First Race: 2010
Date of First Visit: 02/13/2011 (Track #1346)
RTR YouTube Video:

The only ice races I have seen in the state of Vermont were on Puffer's Pond in Brattleboro.

There was a lot of snow on the lake. You can tell by looking at backstretch photos. If you can only see the top half of the car, it's a sign of a lot of snow.

When taking ice racing pictures, you often have to take them on the first lap or so, before the ice rooster tails obstruct the view of the cars.

Besides this oval track, there was also a figure-8 track in action at Puffer's Pond the same day. That was the only ice F8 track I've seen in the US to date. The figure-8 track has its own track photo page.
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