Madison International Speedway

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Madison International Speedway
RTR ID: 15332a
Oregon, WI USA
lat: +42.9061
Paved Oval
lng: -89.3265
First Race: 1969 (Facility 09/29/1963)
Date of First Visit: 06/17/2011 (Track #1384)
RTR YouTube Video:

Although the track is located in Oregon, it is named after the much larger and well-known Madison, 11 miles away.

Racing began at this location in 1963. The current track opened in 1969 and ran through 1986. It then operated as a dirt track for three years, closing again in 1989. The paved version returned in 1992.

The inner track seen in this picture operated during the original pavement era, in a modified form during the dirt era, and once again in the current era.

The facility is spotless, attractively landscaped, and a very nice place to enjoy an evening of pavement stock car racing.
par community.

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