Big Sandy Superstore Arena

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Big Sandy Superstore Arena
RTR ID: 26279b
Huntington, WV
Temporary Indoor Dirt Oval
First Race: 12/05/2015
Date of First Visit: 12/05/2015 (Track #1657)
RTR YouTube Video:

The Big Sandy Superstore Arena opened in 1977. It was originally known as the Huntington Civic Center and then the Huntington Civic Arena.

There have been at least four minor league professional sports franchises that have called the arena home (ice hockey or arena football). All have moved or folded.

Racing has been tried on both the concrete floor and this dirt track.

This was a National Demolition Derby Association show, and the four cylinder auto races were a support class for the main attraction demolition derby.


Robert Lamond: Used to live there and I don't remember this version of the Huntington Civic Center. But I saw Marshall University basketball, Golden gloves boxing, ZZ Top back up band at Doobie Brothers concert, Kiss, Rush and Mott the Hoople there as well as others in the mid 70s. Y'all know anything about this?

Guy Smith: Yes. The current arena opened in 1977 and is at One Civic Center Plaza. The arena you are are talking about was apparently the Veterans Memorial Fieldhouse, which existed from 1950-2012. That one was located on 2590 5th Avenue. It has been demolished.

Robert Lamond: Interesting. I'd like to see something like that here in York.

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